Paris Birdwell was born in San Francisco, Ca. in 1976. At an early age creativity inspired her to pursue a career in the arts.  Paris is very drawn to the forms and colors of magnificent natural wonder.  She seeks to reflect this beauty through the medium of hotglass sculpture and blown vessels.  In 1994, while attending high school in Tacoma, Wa. she was introduced to hotglass as one of the first students in Dale Chihuly’s high school glassblowing program.

Paris studied glass in college, as well as worked extensively in glass factories and on the teams of professional glass artists.   Her passion for glassworking led her to study with some of the maestros in glass including Pino Signoretto,  Karen Willenbrink-Johnsen,  and Peter Neff.  Paris has a vision,along with the help of her partner to manefest a hotshop of her own powered by solar and wind with recycled glass melting in the furnace.